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StacLo Bottle Features

1. Every single StacLo bottle comes with an easy carry handle that makes It easy to take your bottle with you wherever you go.

2. All of our bottles are BPA free and are made of high borosilicate glass.

3. You can choose from 3 choices of genuine 100% crystals and enjoy the benefits.

  Crystals: Aventurine Quartz, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz.

4. StacLo bottles have a detachable base, which allows to change the crystals with ease.

5. StacLo bottles fit in a cup holder, so you can set them right next to you in your car.

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Bottles for a cause

Every time you purchase a StacLo bottle portion of our profits will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup which develops technology to extract plastic pollution from the oceans.

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